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GENIUS makes your marketing smarter

Our GENIUS data analysis software delivers quantitative marketing insights on demand, based on digital behavioural data, with unparalleled speed and analytical depth.


The result: 

  • quantitative results for your very specific question

  • with comprehensive depth in all areas of life

  • for all relevant markets in the world

  • 100% data protection compliant

  • budget-friendly

  • fast (24h)



What are the best urban areas to introduce our new mobility service? How should our business area be designed?

Silhouettes of the Crowds



Understand your customers (almost) better than they understand themselves.

How is the fitness market segmented in the USA? How does our young, highly demanding sneaker target group in the UK think and act? Where exactly do we reach our urban premium target group in DACH? What is the mindset of our different bands / artists target groups?

Image by David Lezcano



Sharpen your brand and develop relevant brand territories.

Which lifestyle topics are best suited for our international content marketing activities? Why do people donate money to NGOs and how can we take this into account in our marketing? Which musician is best suited for our product launch commercial?

Sports Car



Discover and evaluate opportunities for new products and services.

What exactly should the business area for a new mobility service in Barcelona look like? Which brand is the right one for a line extension of our premium SUV? Which innovation topics are "mature" enough for implementation as a service offering?


Fast. From briefing to results in 24 hours.

Tailor made. Results as data, dashboard or ppt.

Affordable. Transparent pricing for companies and agencies.

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